Book Recommendation: Guardian Redemption by YuffieProductions

Title: Guardian Redemption

Author: Yuffie Productions

Chapters: 27


Cleon and Kairi are gods who really suck at being gods.

Cleon is terrible at being a Guardian.

He’s supposed to protect humanity—whatever that means—with his jaw-dropping magical prowess, but there’s a problem: his magic doesn’t work. While the other Guardian, Kairi, whips up infernos at will, he can’t even light a candle. And people notice. Instead of being worshiped like a god, he’s ridiculed and snuffed. Desperate to rid himself of his Guardian title and shut up his mocking “devotees”, he enlists Kairi’s help.

A defining characteristic of the Guardians is their telepathic connection. Sever that link, and they won’t be Guardians anymore, right? Lucky for him, Kairi’s confident she can create a spell to render them both separate human entities. Unfortunately, her plan involves threatening criminal mages to reveal their knowledge of illegal, but powerful, magic.

Cleon begins to doubt this endeavor when Kairi catches the attention of a nefarious spy with connections to powerhouse mages. Unless Cleon wants to be the “failure Guardian” for the rest of his life, he must turn a blind eye to this alliance between humanity’s protector and humanity’s puppetmaster. But when Kairi leaks her forbidden knowledge to her new partner, Cleon is faced with a choice: stay quiet until Kairi learns the spell that that will grant him a happy life, or stop her before she takes this spell-hunt too far and gets them both killed.

Guardian Redemption is a high fantasy posted on Valorpen and Wattpad, about two Guardians, Cleon and Kairi, and their friends Joren and Raeth. I’m not really sure how much I can say about it without giving it away, but it is an awesome story, and if you’re into fantasy, you should give it a read.



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