At Dawn

Today, I wrote a short story about a girl watching the sunrise in response to yesterday’s Daily Post prompt, New Dawn.

It’s a little cheesy, but I don’t mind how it turned out. This is the result:

Splashes of orange and pink light up the sky in front of me, extending as far as I can see on the left and right. It’s not often I get to just stop and watch the sunrise, but every time I do, it takes my breath away.

I curl up on the couch with a blanket and my cup of hot chocolate and watch the sun make it’s way up the sky. It almost sounds like ice breaking when I wiggle my toes, but I can’t feel how cold they are.

Reluctantly, I turn around when I feel like someone’s watching me. There he is, standing in the doorway.

“How long have you been up?” he asks sleepily.

I just shrug and turn my attention back to the window. He sits down next to me, I put my legs on his lap.

“It’s beautiful,” he says, “just like you.”

I laugh. I’m beginning to feel warmer already. “You’re so corny.”

He doesn’t seem fazed by that. “You love me anyway,” he says.

He’s right. And it feels like we could stay this way forever.

When was the last time you watched the sunrise?



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