Bit by Bit (NaNo14: Day 7)

I’m about six days behind. Yes, that’s six days out of the whole seven there’s been.

I know I’m not going to reach 50,000 this year — I didn’t last year, and I was twice as focused then. I’m not really aiming for 50,000 anymore, anyway. Instead I decided I’ll just try to finish the novella I’m working on. Despite that, I was still feeling really bad about it, until I changed my view.

I was looking at the task ahead of me in the worse possible way: I was thinking of the big picture, the 50k, the finished manuscript.

Of course it’s going to seem like a huge task when I think like that.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a huge task, a massive challenge, but there is a way to make it seem easier. Stop looking at the big picture. Stop looking at the mammoth three weeks still to come. Stop looking at the 48,500 words you haven’t written. (Or whatever amount it is for you.)

Taking things day by day is a lot simpler, and a lot less stressful. Or even just bit by bit. You only wrote 100 words in the last fifteen minutes? That’s okay, now do it again. That’s still 400 words by the end of the hour.

This same reason is why 1k sprints don’t work for me. 1000 is a lot of words. But 130 isn’t, really. By breaking it down into short 5-10 minutes bursts, that 1k can be written in an hour or so.

So next time you feel like the seemingly endless amount of words ahead of you is too much, stop. Take a deep breath, and just write. Bit by bit, you’ll get there.

How are you going with NaNo? Better than me, I hope 😛



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