Joker versus Joker

Forewarning: I have not seen all of ‘The Dark Knight’ yet, but I have seen multiple scenes. Also, these are just my opinions.

The many faces of the Joker.

I made a friend last year. Actually, I made multiple friends, but that’s beside the point.

This particular friend likes The Dark Knight trilogy, and that about all the exposure he’s had to Batman. (Until he met me and my friend, Lyke, of course.) What annoyed me most, though, is that he thought he knew everything about the Joker, when all he knew was Christopher Nolan’s version.

He drew the Joker constantly, always with scars. He went so far as to tell me that “it annoys [him] when people draw the Joker without scars” when I showed him my desktop background of Joker and Harley Quinn.

Sadly, a lot of people are like him. When I search ‘joker batman’ on Google Images, almost all the pictures at the start are of The Dark Knight‘s Joker.
joker batman

A lot of people associate the Joker with Heath Ledger. I don’t. I think of tall, thin-faced, with a huge red-lipped smile. What annoys me is that people think they they know everything, just because they’ve seen The Dark Knight.

Honestly, I just needed an excuse to use this picture 😛

I get that Nolan was trying to make a more realistic Gotham. And in his interpretation, Ledger’s Joker works. But I’m going to be completely honest here: while watching him, I find it difficult to see him as much else but a psychopath, and not the Clown Prince of Crime I know and love.

Ledger is not by any means a bad Joker (as I said, he works as part of the realistic version of Gotham), but I find it all overrated.

But props to Nolan for trying, I guess. The Joker was never supposed to be a realistic character. In fact, his character was originally rejected for being too ‘clownish’. The Dark Knight‘s Joker is a character that many people love, I just wish they would remember that it’s only another interpretation, and not the only acceptable version.

I know a lot of people will probably disagree with me, but feel free to share your opinion.



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