My new shoes 😊 (Fix-up)

So, the other day (which was actually a few weeks ago, now), I noticed some canvas shoes at an opp shop as I was walking past. I was happy to find that they were my size, and they were only $4!

I forgot to take a picture of them originally, so here’s an image of one clean one (left), and one still dirty (right):
And all done! 

All it took was a rag, some Nifti, and water. 

The best part is that they go with basically anything — jeans, trackies, shorts, and probably even dresses, though I haven’t tried that yet. They’re definitely my favourite shoes now. 

Have you found some great bargins at opp shops (thrift stores)?



Elephant Wall Hanging

A little while ago, I received a bunch of wooden Kaisercraft animal cutouts to decorate. My brother and I were in a crafty mood over the weekend, so we allocated animals to different family members to gift.

Since it was our Nan’s birthday that day, we decided to make hers, so we could give it to her when we saw her the next day. And, being the person I am, I took pictures 🙂

We chose the elephant for her, which is in no way a commentary on who she is as a person, but just what J chose. (I had to explain that one to Mum.)  

My brother, J, painting the base coat: 


After he was done, I went over all the painting to give it a second coat and to make it look less like a 3 year old did it. I also went around the edges, but that was after this picture was taken. 

My brother helped me chose some decorative paper to fill in the ear hole, and I added a string of sticky jewels to finish it all off. I didn’t really like the purple, but I don’t think it turned out too bad as a whole.

Choosing the paint was an absolute nightmare. We must have tried five different paints, and none of them worked properly. I really didn’t think the gouache was going to work as it was water based, but once we tried it, I was happily surprised.

We’ve got about another ten or so cut-outs to so I’ll probably make posts for the rest of them too.


Mad Hattress

I wasn’t happy with the original Mad Hattress picture, so I decided to try out some shading on it. It looks so much better, and I’m so much happier with it now.

I had a lot of fun doing the greyscale version. I liked playing around with the colours, and I think the gradient background makes it look even better, too.

Batman Puzzle

During the final days of the school year, we had different classes to our normal timetable. One of those was woodwork, and we had three sessions to make pretty much whatever we wanted. My friend, Lyke, and I made puzzles.

We didn’t bother to draw the designs on then, for fear of running out of time, so among everything else, that was my job for today.

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