Writers Block

It’s been three weeks since I’ve written anything, both here, and in my WIP. As well as not really having the time, I’ve just had no idea what to write.

About a week ago, I read a post about writers block by ItsMeAshleyC, on the Valorpen blog, and it got me thinking. So, now I’m going to share a few things I do when I have writers block (and hope they inspire me to start writing again 😜).

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Bit by Bit (NaNo14: Day 7)

I’m about six days behind. Yes, that’s six days out of the whole seven there’s been.

I know I’m not going to reach 50,000 this year — I didn’t last year, and I was twice as focused then. I’m not really aiming for 50,000 anymore, anyway. Instead I decided I’ll just try to finish the novella I’m working on. Despite that, I was still feeling really bad about it, until I changed my view.

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Tip on the Pen: Covers

So, how about a re-cap to begin with? So far we’ve covered how long you book should be, how to name it in a way that’ll grab a potential reader’s attention, and how to write a good pitch that’ll keep their attention.

Now, we’ll focus away from all the words. Have you ever heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, the one on the front of your book has to be worth 50,000 (or more!).

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Tip on the Pen: Titles


I’m going to be honest here. When I first signed up to Wattpad (just over two years ago, now), I was actually alarmed by the titles some of the books had.

You’ve probably all come across them. “Oh My Gosh! My Ex-Boyfriend’s Brother is a Vampire” or “I’m On The Run From My Criminally Insane Father”. Okay, maybe I haven’t seen ones that bad, but I’ve definitely seen at least five too many variations of “Rejected By My Mate, The Alpha”.

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