Mad Hattress

I wasn’t happy with the original Mad Hattress picture, so I decided to try out some shading on it. It looks so much better, and I’m so much happier with it now.

I had a lot of fun doing the greyscale version. I liked playing around with the colours, and I think the gradient background makes it look even better, too.


Dick Grayson T-Shirt

Dick Grayson Symbols 1.1

I’ve had this design sitting in my drawing book for a little while, and when I found the website TeePublic, I thought it was the perfect chance to do something with it.

It is available as a t-shirt, hoodie, or kids t-shirt, in a wide variety of colours. For a limited time, the t-shirt is $14. Get it now, before it goes up to $20 or $22 for 2xl-3xl.


Female t-shirt in ‘asphalt’.

Kids t-shirt in ‘coastal blue’.

Hoodie in ‘heather’.

Male t-shirt in ‘asphalt’.