Tip on the Pen: Covers

So, how about a re-cap to begin with? So far we’ve covered how long you book should be, how to name it in a way that’ll grab a potential reader’s attention, and how to write a good pitch that’ll keep their attention.

Now, we’ll focus away from all the words. Have you ever heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, the one on the front of your book has to be worth 50,000 (or more!).

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Tip on the Pen: Titles


I’m going to be honest here. When I first signed up to Wattpad (just over two years ago, now), I was actually alarmed by the titles some of the books had.

You’ve probably all come across them. “Oh My Gosh! My Ex-Boyfriend’s Brother is a Vampire” or “I’m On The Run From My Criminally Insane Father”. Okay, maybe I haven’t seen ones that bad, but I’ve definitely seen at least five too many variations of “Rejected By My Mate, The Alpha”.

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