Mad Hattress T-shirt

There’s a thread on Valorpen called ‘draw for the person above you’. A little while ago, one of the requests was a Mad Hatter genderbend, which I decided to do.

Since then, I’ve drawn it out on my tablet and fixed up some bits that I wasn’t happy with. I was so happy with the results, that I decided to upload it on TeePublic, in case any Alice in Wonderland fans wanted to wear it (I know that I would like to , and I’m not even a big fan).

It is available as a t-shirt, in a wide variety of colours. For a limited time, it is $14. Get it now, before it goes up to $20 or $22 for 2xl-3xl.


Male t-shirt in ‘brown’.

Female t-shirt in ‘heather’.

EDIT: Since I’ve fixed the picture, I’ve taken down the original design, and replaced it with the new version. So once again, for a limited time, it is $14. Get it now before the price goes up.


Writers Block

It’s been three weeks since I’ve written anything, both here, and in my WIP. As well as not really having the time, I’ve just had no idea what to write.

About a week ago, I read a post about writers block by ItsMeAshleyC, on the Valorpen blog, and it got me thinking. So, now I’m going to share a few things I do when I have writers block (and hope they inspire me to start writing again 😜).

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